R.M.N. (2022)

A few days before Christmas, having quit his job in Germany, Matthias returns to his Transylvanian village. He wishes to involve himself more in the education of his son, Rudi, left for too long in the care of his mother, Ana, and to rid him of the unresolved fears that have gripped him. He’s also eager to see his ex-lover Csilla and preoccupied about his old father, Otto. When a few new workers are hired at the small factory that Csilla manages, the peace of the community is disturbed, underlying fears grip the adults, and frustrations, conflicts and passions erupt through the thin sliver of apparent understanding and calm.
Running time: 2h 05m



Cristian Mungiu


Cristian Mungiu





Release date


Run time

2h 05m


Marin Grigore
Judith State
Macrina Bârlădeanu
Orsolya Moldovan
András Hatházi
Rácz Endre
József Bíró
Ovidiu Crișan
Zoltán Deák
Cerasela Iosifescu
Andrei Finti
Miklos Bacs
Alin Panc
Victor Benderra
Amitha Jayasinghe
Gihan Edirisinghe
Nuwan Karunarathna
Kovacs Levente Jr.
Némedi-Varga Csilla
Orban Attila
Boros-Piroska Klara
Lucian Ifrim
Mark Edward Blenyesi
Fekete Beata
Szucs Tamas
Nagy Csilla
Szabo Andras-Botond
Axel Moustache
Rares Hontzu
Stefan Statnic
Carla Todoran
Maria Dragus
Ecaterina Ladin
Gheorghe Ifrim

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