How can WatchLister help you press play quicker?

Update (Oct 2023)

Development of the app is temporarily on hold. However, as a service that helps you decide what to watch, we are very much moving forward. The website is being updated as we speak to create something exciting and useful for movie lovers; a resource for people who love movie and want to know more about their favorite films.

Please bear with us and check back at the end of November. 

Meanwhile, why not get a taster of what we’re aiming for by checking out the page for Dune (2021)  This has a handful of resources that we think any Dune lover would enjoy. If there’s a movie you’d like to have this treatment just drop us an email at lee*@* or get in touch on twitter. 

A WatchList to bookmark movies and boxsets for later enjoyment is a simple enough concept.

We just wanted to do it better, thinking pretty hard about why it is that in a world full of content, movies and TV shows people and families find it so hard to choose something to watch. Particularly as it’s a decision that comes up repeatedly.

Below you’ll find some of our initial thinking about how we’re approaching this and how doing it properly will both save you time and could even make you happier.


78% of people spend longer than they’d like choosing what to watch


Research shows that in the UK this adds up to a staggering 187 hours per year scrolling streaming platforms

It's not like there's nothing on!

So Why is it so hard to choose something to watch?

  • The simple answer is that we get overwhelmed by choice*
  • If you start a WatchList of movies and boxsets you’re excited about then it’s much easier to choose
  • Build your WatchList over time. Whenever a trailer or an article about a movie captures your interest, or a friend recommends a boxset put it somewhere you can come back to later
  • When you want to watch something consult your list
  • There’s even science that suggests doing it this way will mean you enjoy your movies more*

*To learn more about the science click here.

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Why Choose WatchLister?

We want to make everything about this easy.  We want to avoid having to type in movie titles wherever we can.

Seen a trailer you like on YouTube? Send it straight into WatchLister from the YouTube app.

Found something you like on IMDb? You can send that straight from the IMDb app.
Did your friend just recommend the boxset they just binged? Right now you’ll need to type that in, but we’re working on this (and others) too.

Deciding what to watch

If you bookmark the movies and TV shows you’re interested in then we’ll give you the information you need to make a decision.

Every possible way we can make it easier for you to add titles and make watching decisions is something we want to explore.

Want to save time and be happier?

If you like the sound of what we’re doing then we’d appreciate you downloading the beta version of the app.

We’ve got bold ideas but we need early adopters to help us make sure we build this thing right.

Sign up for an invite