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On average people waste 187 hours per year scrolling through Netflix and other streaming platforms looking for something to watch. WatchLister is here to help you make better watching decisions, faster. To save you from choice paralysis.

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There’s a website update in progress as we speak (Oct 2023).  Our aim is to help you stop doomscrolling the menus of streaming services and find things you want to watch.

How we do this is changing so just bear with us until the site is updated. 

Thanks for your patience.

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Capture your intention to watch immediately, wherever you find it. Directly from a trailer on Youtube or a recommendation from IMDb. It’s easy.

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We’ll automatically update your lists telling you which streaming platforms have them, and if they’re not available, we’ll let you know when they are.

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Do you friends rely on your impeccable taste? You can share you favourite titles with your friends from the app.

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