6 Most Popular Movie Trailers on Our YouTube Channel

Most popular movie trailers is probably an odd way to describe these trailers. Our YouTube movie trailer channel is dedicated to the lesser known movies. These would be, by most metrics, not considered popular movie trailers.

Every week we upload at least 5 new trailers. Occasionally it’s even more. Our thinking behind this is that it’s easy to find the popular films; Marvel movies are never short of advertising bucks. That’s not to diss Marvel, every movie has its audience. But if we take Mad God (2021) as an example, it’s an anarchic stop-motion horror. It was produced, written and directed by animation legend Phil Tippet. And he started this making the film in 1981. A film that someone works on for 30 years deserves to find an audience and we want to help movies like that. Not every film has such a tortuous journey, but there are so many undiscovered gems out there and we want to make sure they’re seen by more people. Our aim is to help people dive into the movie you adore, but “death to doomscrolling the Netflix menu” came a close second.

We’ve been running the channel for a couple of years now, it’s neither massive nor monetized but we enjoy it and it’s a constant joy to share movies that deserve more. It would help us lots if you could subscribe to the trailer channel.

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Pablo Schreiber and Jena Malone in Lorelei

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6. Strays (2023

Come on, who can honestly say that sweary dogs don’t deserve an audience? An abandoned dog teams up with other strays to get revenge on his former owner.

Directed by: Josh Greenbaum

Stars: Jamie Foxx (Miami Vice, Ray, Django Unchained, Collaterall), Will Ferrell (Anchor Man, Talladega Nights, Spirited, Elf, Barbie), Isla Fisher (Wedding Crashers, Rango, Nocturnal Animals, Home And Away!), Randall Park (Blue Eye Samurai, Always Be My Mayba, WandaVision)

5. Polarized (2023)

Lisa, an aspiring songwriter, whose farming family has suffered foreclosure is forced to work at a new, ‘urban farm’ where she meets Dalia. Her casual racism leads her to be fired but the women end up drawn into a passionate affair.

Director: Shamim Sarif

Stars: Holly Deveaux (Supergirl, Haven, 12 Monkeys), Maxine Denis (Super Hero, Fifty Five, Big Top Academy), Tara Samuel (Ruby Booby, Growth, Painkiller)

4. Lorelei (2020)

Pablo Schreiber and Jena Malone giving career best performances A man is released from prison after 15 years and reunites with his high school girlfriend, who is now a single mother of three. Lorelei is a story about love, regret, and second chances. 86% on Rotten Tomatoes and an official selection for the Tribeca Film Festival.

Director: Sabrina Doyle

Stars: Jena Malone (The Neon Demon, Contact, The Hunger Games), Pablo Schreiber (13 Hours, Orange is the New Black, American Gods)

3. The Colour Room (2023)

A determined, working class woman, Clarice Cliff, breaks the glass ceiling and revolutionises the workplace in the 20th century. The British film industry has a tendency to only put poor people on screen if it’s to explore the misery of the poors so to see a regional story like this, well made and well reviewed is just delightful. Can’t bloody wait.

Starring: Phoebe Dynevor (Bridgerton, Snatch) Matthew Goode (Watchmen, The Imitation Game, Stoker (WHICH IS AMAZING!) Rachel Shenton

Directed by Claire McCarthy (Ophelia)

2. Mad God (2021)

There is no combination of words that can adequately describe quite what is contained in this trailer. It’s kinda cheating to go ‘please watch the trailer’ but seriously, just watch the trailer. Then once you’re done and that combination of bewildered excitement and mild shock subside go check out Phil Tippett’s wikipedia page to see just how important he’s been in the recent history of Hollywood. You can learn more about that film at http://watch.madgodmovie.com/ but this is one of those films that we really feel like you just need to see.

Director: Phil Tippett

Stars: Alex Cox (Repo Man, Sid and Nancy, Searchers 2.0), Niketa Roman, Satish Ratakonda.

1. The Invitation (2016)

This is the most popular movie trailer on our YouTube Movie Trailer Channel. The director, Karyn Kusama, is an absolute master. If you’ve already seen the film then you can check out our movie resources page for The Invitation.

A man accepts an invitation to a dinner party hosted by his ex-wife, an unsettling affair that reopens old wounds and creates new tensions.

Directed by Karyn Kusama, director of Girlfight (2020), Jennifer’s Body (2009) and Destroyer (2018).

Starring the terribly underrated Logan Marshall Green (Upgrade, Prometheus, When They See Us) and written by Phil Hay (and Matt Manfredi, (Aeon Flux, Ride Along, Crazy/Beautiful, Clash of the Titans).

And it’s not just us, or our youtube channel audience that like it. Reception: Rotten Tomatoes 89%, Metacritic 74

Thanks for checking out our list of the most popular trailers on our channel. We just want to help people love movies more. Have a noodle around the rest of the site or get in touch and let us know what you think.