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If you’ve watched a film and then wanted to know everything about it then WatchLister is for you.

People are analysing, writing about and sharing their love of movies constantly. We want to put all of that in one place. Whenever you want to know more about a movie you just need to look it up here. Our platform collects as many of these musings, writings and conversations as we can find.

As lifelong film fans we’ve always enjoyed learning more about the movies we love. In fact, learning about the stories behind the movies, the details, the anecdotes and the behind the scenes from script to screen has only ever helped us love movies more. Whether you’re looking for symbolism in Se7en, details in Dune or meditations on Miyzaki or behind the scenes hi-jinks on High School Musical we want WatchLister to be the place you find it.

We’ve all had those serendipitous moments – learning amazing facts in a book about movies, or YouTube recommends a breakdown that changes our view of a scene. By connecting the curious cinephile with the best writings, videos and other resources in one place we want to make those discoveries intentional, not accidental. We believe in exploring cinema beyond the screen, delving into the creative and technical process and celebrating the artistry in every frame.

Whether you love Francois Truffaut, The Fast and the Furious or both, WatchLister is for you.
Dive in, explore, love movies more.

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If you’ve got an infectious passion for movies and want to inspire and enlighten others then we’d love your help. The content here is manually curated and we’d any help finding and sharing more of the good stuff. If you can understand what we’re trying to do here and want to volunteer your help, please get in touch.

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