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Betty Gilpin

Born: 1986


Betty Gilpin, born Elizabeth Folan Gilpin on July 21, 1986, is an American actress known for her versatile performances in both television and film. She has garnered critical acclaim for her work, particularly in the Netflix series "GLOW." Gilpin grew up in New York City and was exposed to the world of acting from a young age. Her father, Jack Gilpin, is also an actor. She pursued her passion for acting and honed her skills through training and stage performances. Gilpin gained wider recognition for her role as Debbie "Liberty Belle" Eagan in the comedy-drama series "GLOW" (2017-2019). The show, set in the 1980s, follows the fictionalized story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW). Gilpin's performance as the talented and conflicted wrestler earned her critical praise and award nominations. She showcased her range as an actress, seamlessly transitioning between comedic and dramatic moments, and bringing depth to her character. Beyond "GLOW," Gilpin has appeared in various television series, including "Nurse Jackie," "Law & Order: SVU," and "Masters of Sex." She has also made appearances in films such as "True Story" (2015) and "The Hunt" (2020), displaying her versatility in different genres. Gilpin's performances are often characterized by her ability to capture complex emotions, convey vulnerability, and bring depth to her characters. She has been praised for her sharp comedic timing, nuanced portrayals, and her ability to tackle challenging roles with authenticity. In addition to her acting work, Gilpin has been vocal about issues such as gender inequality in the entertainment industry and has advocated for more diverse and inclusive storytelling. Betty Gilpin's talent, dedication, and ability to embody a wide range of characters have established her as a respected actress in both television and film. Her performances continue to captivate audiences and showcase her remarkable skills as a performer.
Known For Acting
Gender Female
Place of Birth New York City, New York, USA



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