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Park Sung-woong

Born: 1973


Park Sung Woong (박성웅) is a South Korean actor. He was born on January 9, 1973. His acting debut was in 1997 gangster comedy film "No. 3". Sung Woong married actress Shin Eun Jung on October 18th, 2008. They met while filming "The Legend", in which the characters they played were lovers. He has a son named Park Sang Woo.
Known For Acting
Gender Male
Place of Birth Chungju, North Chungcheong Province, South Korea



Open City

Detective Hong in Open City

White Night

Cha Seung-jo in White Night

A Friend In Need

Kang Jeong-hoon in A Friend In Need

Horror Stories 2

Department Head Park in Horror Stories 2


Myung-hoon's Father in Commitment

Tabloid Truth

Cha Seong-joo in Tabloid Truth

New World

Lee Joong-gu in New World

Shadowless Sword

Ma-Bul in Shadowless Sword

The Fatal Encounter

Hong Guk-yeong in The Fatal Encounter

Man on High Heels

Public Prosecutor Hong in Man on High Heels

For the Emperor

Jung Sang-ha in For the Emperor

The Deal

Kang-cheon in The Deal


Jong-hoon in Office

The Shameless

Park Joon-gil in The Shameless

A Violent Prosecutor

Yang Min-woo in A Violent Prosecutor

Love, Lies

Police Chief in Love, Lies

Operation Chromite

Park Nam-chul in Operation Chromite

If the Sun Rises in the West

in If the Sun Rises in the West


Choi Min-seok in Sunflower

This Charming Girl

Ex-husband in This Charming Girl

The Tooth and the Nail

Song Tae-seok in The Tooth and the Nail


Jae-ha in Method


NIS Executive in V.I.P.

The Swindlers

Kwak Seung-gun in The Swindlers

The Spy Gone North

Han Chang-joo in The Spy Gone North


Jin-yong in Monstrum

The Great Battle

Li Shimin, Emperor Taizong of Tang in The Great Battle

Happy Together

Kang Suk-jin in Happy Together

The Dude in Me

Jang Pan-soo in The Dude in Me

The Gifted Hands

Chul-Hyun in The Gifted Hands

Mr. Socrates

Han-doo in Mr. Socrates


Myung-hwan in Rosebud

Okay! Madam

Seok-hwan in Okay! Madam

A Man of Reason

Eung-guk in A Man of Reason


Chul-soo in Hit

The Foul King

Store Staff in The Foul King

The Closet

Myung-jin's Father in The Closet


Ma Seong-joon in DAEMUGA

City of the Rising Sun

Byeong-guk's Man in City of the Rising Sun

My Captain

in My Captain

No. 3

Tae-ju's Bodyguard in No. 3

Man in Love

Barbershop Customer in Man in Love

The Weird Missing Case of Mr. J

Karaoke bar waiter in The Weird Missing Case of Mr. J

A Letter From Mars

in A Letter From Mars

Resurrection of the Little Match Girl

System Agent in Resurrection of the Little Match Girl

Story of Man

in Story of Man


in Girlfriends

The Peak

in The Peak

Butcher Barber

Woo-jin in Butcher Barber

Ghost House

Pil-gi's friend in Ghost House


Han Sang-seok in KT

The Wild

Woo-chul in The Wild

Several Questions That Make Us Happy

in Several Questions That Make Us Happy


Kwon Do-hoon in Gentleman

Hostage: Missing Celebrity

Self in Hostage: Missing Celebrity


Tokyo Branch Agent 1 in Hunt


Na Woong-nam / Lee Jung-hak in Woongnami

Live Stream

Gentleman in Live Stream

The Desperate Chase

Kim In-hae in The Desperate Chase

Miss Fortune

in Miss Fortune

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