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Actor Everett Osborne in a New York Knicks top.

Sweetwater (2023)​

Hall of Famer Nat “Sweetwater” Clifton makes history as the first African American to sign an NBA contract, forever changing how the game of basketball is played.

Director: Martin Guigui

Stars: Cary Elwes (Princess Bride, Mentiroso, Mentiroso, Glory 1989), Eric Roberts (Best of the Best, Star 80, Babylon), Richard Dreyfuss (Always 1989, Jaws, What About Bob?)

Kindling (2023)​

Kindling follows a group of young men who return to their home town in order to turn their friend’s final days into a celebration of life and friendship.

Director: Connor O’Hara

Stars: George Somner (Bad Move, Urban Hymn, The Watchman), Conrad Khan (County Lines 2019, Baptiste (TV series), The Burning Girls), Wilson Mbomio (We The Kings Film, The Favourite)

You’re Killing Me (2023)​

Follows Eden, who goes to a coveted ‘Heaven and Hell’ party, hoping to get a letter of recommendation to an elite university from the wealthy parents of her classmate, but the party quickly turns into a fight for her life.

Director: Beth Hanna, Jerren Lauder

Stars: Anne Heche (Supercell,13 Minutes, One Christmas Eve), Dermot Mulroney (Christmas is Canceled, Scream 6, Insidious 3), McKaley Miller (Where Hope Grows, The Standoff, Into the Dark: Pure)

Black Snow (2023)​

In 1995, seventeen-year-old Isabel Baker was murdered. The crime shocked the small town of Ashford and devastated the Australian South Sea Islander community of Elizabeth.

Stars: Travis Fimmel (Long Tan, Zone 414, Dreamland), Jemmason Power (Black Snow), Talijah Blackman-Corowa (John Wick: Chapter 4, The Last Of Us, Everything Everywhere All At Once)

The Outwaters (2023)​

Four travelers encounter menacing phenomena while camping in a remote stretch of the Mojave Desert.

Director: Robbie Banfitch

Stars: Robbie Banfitch (Tinsman Road, Hastey Hastey, The Trouble With Barry), Angela Basolis (Exvallis, File VL-624, Advent), Scott Schamell ( Exvallis,Card Zero)