The Year Between movie poster

The Year Between


Inspired by true events, college sophomore Clemence Miller is coming home to the suburbs and a bedroom in her family’s basement. After dropping out of school with a newly diagnosed mental illness, she now faces the challenges of bipolar disorder, the responsibilities of adulthood, and her damaged relationships with family and friends. Clemence struggles to figure out what it means to heal without driving everyone around her… well, crazy. As if reckoning with everything and everyone she has taken for granted wasn’t enough, Clemence has to wrestle with the thought that on top of it all, she might also just have a really bad personality.

Running time: 1h 34m

Director Alex Heller
Writers Alex Heller
Composer(s) Lauren Culjak
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Release Date 2023
Production Company(s) Level Forward, Full Spectrum Features, Chicago Media Angels