20 Great Movies You Might Have Missed

Great Movies you might have missed hopefully tells you everything you need to know about this list. There’s a lot of top 20 great movies lists out there. But whenever we see them they usually consist of the stuff we’ve already seen. It looks like we’ll be spending more time at home for a little while at least. (We put this together at the beginning of Covid but it’s still a pretty popular list so it should help get you through the evenings). This isn’t our favourites, mind you. But it’s one of the great tragedies of the film industry that so much good stuff doesn’t get the air time it needs and disappears without a trace.

So here are some of the things you might have missed. And where you can get them. They’re in no particular order. 

The last lot is stuff we haven’t seen but have on our watch list in the next couple of weeks.

The great thing about this is Netflix have launched a feature that allows you to stream a movie or show at the same time with friends. It has a chat window and synced play/pause so you can all watch it together. Check out Netflix Party.

If you’re a bit bored poking around then we’ve been doing a lot of website updating recently so you could check out some of our other posts, like this one here with some of the Indie movies we’re excited about in 2022.

You Were Never Really Here​

Joker, despite all its awards, divided critics and audiences. For us, this is the better film. With the same ingredients, Joaquin Phoenix, mental health, wrong side of the law, Lynne Ramsay crafted something mesmeric.

Apollo 11​

Apollo 11 is a magnicent documentary. The kind of film that needs to be seen on the largest screen with the best sound. A look at the Apollo 11 mission to land on the moon led by commander Neil Armstrong and pilots Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins. If this ever shows up in a cinema you really need to go and check it out. The 70mm footage is unbelievable. Reception: 99% on Rotten Tomatoes (it really is that good), 88 on Metacritic Watch this if you liked: The Right Stuff, space, Apollo 11.

The Guilty​

This is a man on a phone for 90 minutes. We’ve deliberately made it sound terrible because of just how genuinely good it is. Some films based around a single good idea don’t know how to end. This one totally does. 

(Update: Jake Gyllenhall recently made a Hollywood version if you can’t handle subtitles but we feel like you’d be missing out).

Blue Ruin​

Revenge thrillers normally have people Bruce Willis drawing on the skills they learned in the Navy Seals. Not this one. The ‘hero’ lives in his car on a beach and is scavenging food when he finds out his parents have been murdered.


Two lads go hunting in Scotland for a stag do. Then things go tragically, nail-bitingly wrong. Master of Suspense Stephen King took to twitter to state how much he loved it. So, you should definitely check it out.

Long Shot​

This is probably about the most high profile film on here. It’s kind of a surrender movie. i.e. You’d only put it on if you’re trying to please literally everyone. But it’s still good fun and sometimes you just need to sit back and smile.


This one really is as good as they say it is. A film about kids in their final year before heading off to college, yet it contains almost none of the typical high school cliches. The two female leads are unashamedly nerdy and totally brilliant. Feel good Friday night fun.

Kings of Summer​

Kids building a hideout in the woods and doing dumb stuff. This is basically our childhood except for the building the hideout. Easy watching. Great fun.

Sorry To Bother You​

The trailer is a con. It makes you think it’s an amusing, slightly odd film about cold calling. Which it is. But at a certain point in the film it just goes completely turbo in all kinds of insane directions. At the end you’ll rub your eyes and wonder if that really happened.


We caught this on a plane. We think a good film is good for everyone, but if you’re a Mum struggling with the GIGANTIC expectation on you, particularly right now, this is a genuine, unexpected joy.


Imagine trying to do 1917 but doing it actually as a single shot for the ENTIRE FILM, but without being Sam Mendes and having the Who’s Who of British acting popping up every time the action slows down. Well, Victoria is that. It’s so good.

Hell or High Water​

The thematic follow up to Sicario is, without getting too film buff about it, a slice of modern Americana. Looking at the clash of old values in the new uncaring world. But don’t let that put you off. It’s a mesmerising watch. And it’s got Lebowski in it as a slightly racist US Marshall.

Mississippi Grind​

Ben Mendelsohn is that actor you recognise but can’t place. He’s also incredible. For proof check out The Outsider. But this has also got Ryan Reynolds who’s so charismatic you’re almost obligated to hate him.

A Prayer Before Dawn​

It’s that young lad from Peaky Blinders who works out that selling drugs in Thailand is a sub-optimal career path. Then it turns out he’s quite good at fighting. We’re being a bit glib about a somewhat brutal and compelling true story.

The Way Way Back​

Sam Rockwell is like Ben Mendelsohn except you do recognise him. Absurdly talented and also pretty damn charismatic here too. This is one of those ‘family go on holiday and find themselves’ films, except it’s really good.

Game Night​

OK. This is cheating. You might have caught this one. But also you might have ignored it because it’s one of the repetitive Jason Bateman comedies. EXCEPT, it’s really, really good fun. Another one of those that will please everyone.

Our Watch List​

If this list of 20 great movies isn’t enough, here’s a few more that we haven’t seen yet but plan to get through in the coming weeks.

The best way to avoid doomscrolling Netflix when you’re looking for something to watch is to have add these to your watchlist in Watchlister. Read a bit more here about the science behind how this would mean not only do you spend less time scrolling but you actually enjoy your choice a little more too.

There’s a few thoughts here too on why it’s so hard to decide what to watch.

Uncut Gems​

Everyone says it’s really tense. And everyone says it’s really good. If you’re surprised that it’s got Adam Sandler doing acting in it then you probably haven’t been paying attention.

The Little Hours​

The trailer’s got nuns making loads of sex jokes.

The Invitation​

This is the most popular trailer on our YouTube Channel. There’s loads of good stuff on Netflix if you know where to look! This looks creepy.

Good Time​

You can tell pretentious film people because they talk about directors quite a lot. If you find yourself in a room with them just say ‘I’m looking forward to seeing what the Safdie Brothers do next’. Because they did this before they did Uncut Gems and this is also meant to be pretty awesome.